When sim card is activated successfully with CT Excel  any plan (All Plan include call display/basic viocemail/call waiting/conference call), will take effect:

Talk: Canada wide unlimited talk; unlimited international calls to 7 Asian countries and regions ( China 01186 or +86; Taiwan 011886 or +886; Hong Kong 011852 or +852; Macau 011853 or +853; Singapore 01165 or +65; Japan 01181 or +81; South Korea 01182 or +82; Thailand 01166 or +66; Malaysia 01160 or +60; Indonesia 01162 or +62)

(Ontario users will be charged for CAD$0.49/min when dialing 911; Quebec users wil be charged for CAD$0.4/min when dialing 911)

Text: Global Text;

Data: start from 1GB to 12GB depending on the plan you selected;

Adds on is available for extra data and US roaming and International roaming;

One SIM card with two phone numbers (one is Canada phone number, another is virtual China Telecom phone number). It is good for call each other in Canada and China.

Plan starts from $30/m

For more plans detail, please visit:

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7 x 24 hours bilingual customer service

Canada dials +1 (877) 331-9871

China dials (400) 928-9189