The Best Link between China and Canada
Enjoy a real high-speed network

Talk: Canada wide Talk and 1000 mins long distance calls to China  and Hong Kong.

Text: Global text

Data: unlimited data but fair usage policy apply and speed slow down to up to 512 Mbps at the cap.

Canada, China and Hong Kong share the same package, no roaming charge !

 Member refers new members, get bonus together (one month free) !

Two number, One SIM (Once you receive your SIM card for Canada, link it to your China Mobile Mainland number and get SMS messages forwarded to your Canada number for free. Never miss out on moments from home)

Plan starts from $25/m

For more plans detail, please visit:

  • Buy sim card  from our website (, to get $10 off for 12 months.

SIM Free Shipping!

7 x 24 hours customer service

10086 from CMlink line;

1 866 651 0086